Joining Twitter: For Real This Time / by Kevin Olsen

It's a little hard for someone who runs a social media oriented website not to participate in Twitter.  Though Kerri (@KerriOlsen) has essentially been our voice for The Austin Grand Prix on Twitter (@AustinGrandPrix), it's about time I start to carry my weight.  I had registered the account @kpolsen, but I still only tweeted as often as it rained.  Regardless, I reevaluated things and decided to jump on it while I could grad a semi-decent handle that was a bit more understandable than @kpolsen.

Social media is a powerful tool and a great mechanism to connect with people of similar interests around the world.  Harnessing that power for the promotion of Austin and Formula 1 has been our motive from day one with AGP.  Being honored by the Austin American-Statesman for our efforts with the Social Media Award for 2012, has only lead us to think more about what we're really up to and where we're going. We have lots planned for 2012, but I'll have to table that discussion for now...

My Twitter learning curve will need to be rapidly accelerated to rival Kerri the master tweeter and grammar-nazi. I'm certain, finding something worth tweeting about on a daily basis is going to be difficult, so bear with me, it's going to be an interesting next few months.

Here it goes! 

Twitter: @TheKevinOlsen