So Excited, Formula 1 is Coming to Austin! / by Kevin Olsen

This is such a big honor and quite a surprise.  It may seem a little out of place, the South being known for Nascar and the Midwest for Indy, but this is Texas and we're neither the South or the Midwest, we're Texas! 

 It's definately a cheesy remark but I think the point is clear, Austin is a great fit for Formula 1.  I was absolutely in shock when I heard the news, thanks to a friend who called immediately, and was in disbelief. 

 So it turns out that this is a perfect segway into my announcement that I'm accepted to and going to attend UT Architecture in the Fall of this year.  It's quite a nice little treat to have F1 so close to home and I couldn't be happier!  I'm going to closely follow the tracks development and the impact it has on the city.  I will be hosting and promoting the event through the website The Austin Grand Prix and hopefully selling t-shirts and other things to spread the word.